The 'SuffocatingThoughts' Design

The 'SuffocatingThoughts' Design
This piece is the 'Suffocating Thoughts' T-shirt. I made this in a time where I had just come out of collection mode. I was actually creating a few bespoke t-shirt designs for a friend he needed some customs for our trip to Toronto that summer.
I'm not usually one to put D'Trois boldy on garments like I've done here but it felt so fitting I had to let the art live. Smoothly printed on 220gsm heavy combed cotton the graphic starts with D'TROIS in bold capital white letters in a font that is frequently used by the D'Trois brand (due to how straight and rectangular it looks but still with an element of curve in the individual letters). Bordered with a slightly purple mist the brand name sits on the chest of the t-shirt with the centre being covered by the main art piece.
A bag. A head. A bag covering a head suffocating one slowly. This came from a place where your mind is constantly ticking, inside your head is like a battlefield and your thoughts are the bullets flying in all directions. So many thoughts flooding through brainwaves you feel trapped in your own mind. I had originally seen the image through pintrest. After trying to recreate it but not getting exactly what I was looking for I realised the original was what I needed. Processing the image through photoshop I got to the right contrast and tones, a grey hue with highlights streaking threw to show the texture of the plastic. I had the graphic I was yearning for.
All art is down to perspective, tell me what this piece means to you?

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